Client: Multitudes Co-Op

Practicing Liberation​

Practicing Liberation: A Survey of Contemporary African, Afrodescendant, and Black Liberatory Economic Practices

For Africans in the Diaspora: Practicing Liberation, Multitudes Co-Op brought me on as the Front End Developer. I was responsible for translating the web design provided by their graphic designer into a responsive, animated website. The purpose of this website was to turn an academic paper into an interactive experience, and the functionality of the menus and animations went through a few renditions to ensure accessibility. Through working on this website, I learned quite a bit about working with JavaScript scrollTrigger animations, as well as optimizing animation speed using the animation library Greensock, otherwise known as GSAP. Since this website is maintained through SquareSpace, I was also able to gain experience using node to work in a local environment.

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Available upon request.
HTML5, CSS/Less, JavaScript, GSAP, node.js, Terminal, SquareSpace Developer Platform